Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Eric Ginsburg and Yes Weekly has a front page article titled THE UNOFFICIAL LOBBYIST: TREBIC & THE BUILDING INDUSTRY

Triadwatch and also the sister blog to this one Protest Petition for Greensboro has been battling this illegal organization since 2008 when they wanted to deny the citizens of Greensboro the right to a protest petition in the zoning process that every other municipality in this state had the right to do.

This article above is a must read for all local citizens especially in regards to how elected officials get a free meal and free alcohol at a closed event the month before the election with no reporting whatsoever on anyone's part from the elected officials who should be paying for a ticket but get in for free and the illegal lobbyist organization in TREBIC CARTEL who's power is unmatched in Guilford County to be the most powerful lobbyist group around these parts even though the state lobbyist division will not tag them as a lobbyist organization. More about that in a future post.

In this article all you need to read is this

"Standing in the middle of the dining room floor at TREBIC’s annual event, commercial real estate broker Dwain Skeen of the Skeen Group described TREBIC’s work.
“It’s a lobbyist organization,” Skeen said.
“If we don’t have an advocate, the powers that be… will pass laws that are not necessarily positive to our industry. TREBIC is a watchdog.”
As Skeen spoke, Tom Terrell Jr. of Smith, Moore, Leatherwood LLP took the stage to introduce Sanford, calling her “a great lobbyist” before handing over the mic. On the group’s website page for testimonials from members, Terrell said, “The building industry has no other voice in governmental decisions.”
Enough said and more in the future. Billy Jones also posted as well on this subject at East Greensboro Performing Arts Center with a title Yes Weekly TREBIC admits to being a lobbyist group.

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