Sunday, July 1, 2012

From the GN&R's "The_Doctor" on Don Patterson's Obama commercial "Area economy on the rise, report finds"

"Why are conservaive/Right think-tanks always labeled as such in news stories
(and rightfully so, no pun intended),
but liberal/Left think tanks, like Brookings, are rarely labeled as such?

Every institution has a bias,
and it's up to our intrepid news writers to pass that information along to readers.

“The headline is something like, 'Recovery continues; pain persists,’” said Alec Friedhoff,
a research analyst with Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank.

“But there are some bright spots.”

In this story, writer Donald Patterson just refers to Brookings
as a "Washington think tank,"
so if you didn't know that Brookings is a liberal think tank
with major ties to top Democrats and liberal causes,
you'd just think they were some neutral party.

Overall, Brookings ranked the local metro,
which includes Guilford, Rockingham and Randolph counties, 41st nationally.

In the fourth quarter last year, the area came in 69th.

Three years ago, at the time of the first Brookings report, it stood 73rd.

Out of how many Donald?

Whether intentionally or not,
Patterson has biased his writing by a simple act of omission.

And BTW, I'm a Democrat myself.

...As an ex-newspaper reporter,

I believe full disclosure is always the best policy on these matters."

The Doctor

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Don Moore said...

To the Liberal Mind, they are the CENTER, UN-BIASED reference that all others must be judged. Once your mind has been freed, you see it in almost every main stream media source.