Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From Ed Cone's: "Why not fix up the Carolina Theater?"

The colored section is still intact is my understanding.

It really should be part of the Civil Rights Museum tour.

I hear if they replace the seats,
they could get 1800 total.

Pump the historical civil rights angle.

Bring in some pretty top names
who may want to perform in a venue with a history,
for 75% to 95% less money.

It could also bring our rather disfunctional race relations
into a newer, friendlier light.

BTW..., my kids were munchkins with Roy Carroll's
the year I played "Uncle Henry"
and a tree
and a winkie
and a jitterbug dancer
and a curtain and scene thing changer

If the side building could be taken out
and another truck pull up entrance created,
it could be a first class facility that may mean much more
than a brand new shiny hob nob venue.

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