Monday, June 11, 2012

Noise Problems in Other Cities from Norfolk Virginia


With all this talk lately about noise in downtown Greensboro it was interesting to see a article in the Virginian Pilot titled "Residents Say Norfolk Pub is Already Noisy", CLICKHERE

This from the article:
"Decker said he believes the problems stem partly from the burgeoning residential and commercial areas of downtown still learning to peacefully coexist.
"It's tough in any urban setting, Norfolk included, when you're trying to have a thriving downtown with restaurants and night life and places that people want to come visit, and you also want to have a residential community," Decker said. "There's a balance you want to try to meet."
Kevin Murphy, president of the Downtown Civic League, said downtowners are willing to accept a certain amount of noise. But they also expect the restaurants to make an effort to be considerate"

Nice to see other cities like Norfolk with some of the same problems as Greensboro.

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