Thursday, June 21, 2012

After one of the largest stealth tax increases in Guilford County history: "County passes budget, slight tax decrease"

Why did Brenda think she could walk with another $45,000?

Why did Skip let her?

And then a tax cut?


If Brenda and Skip would try the bonus,
why would they have any problem with rigging the property revaluation
to keep everybody fat and happy,
with a shadow tax increase to pay for it
while most are too stupid to have figured it out
like Greensboro's press corps?

Guilford County grows low on savings

"after several years of ballooning debt, diminishing revenues and no tax increases,
the county has spent down its savings — the “fund balance” left after its expenses are paid
— close to the recommended minimum.

In the budget proposal that she delivered last week,
County Manager Brenda Jones Fox suggested spending $24 million from the fund balance
to pay for next year’s budget.

If that happens, the fund balance still would have about $46.5 million in it
— the recommended minimum.

That would leave the county just $554,000 to spend on emergencies.

Friday, April 15, 2011
Almost amazing, isn't it?
It's almost as if the money come from property revaluations,
doesn't it?
Now we should trust our local press to completly forget the past?

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