Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Milton S Kern, Katie Southard, Ed Catalano and Eric Robert on Downtown Greensboro "Ass Face Off" (Nick Cage, John Travolta reference)

I just don't understand people lik Ed Catalano and Eric Robert
whose lives are so unhappy and miserable that they have to publicy complain and bitch
about evrything and then post about others who do the same.

Do something positive for someone, get involved, get a life

Yes, I can see where you would be disappointed and annoyed
by people revealing the truth about you and your cronies.

At least they aren't so incredibly two-faced as you.

Why would you sit in a noise ordinance meeting with 2 city council people and club owners
and declare your full support, then email city council 3 days later
about enforcing noise ordinance after 9pm?

I know that really pissed off and shocked the city council members
that were present at the meeting.

Interesting you had no response to them when they questioned you.

I don't like how you put on a fake ass face like you really care about downtown
and then do back door deals for your own benefit.

It is super skeezy.

Eric Robert and Ed Catalano have way more integrity than you Milton.

Katie Southard

Milton, your post says it all. Enough said. :)

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