Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Matt Brown's Fiefdom AKA Greensboro Coliseum Wants $24 Million Tax Dollars


On the agenda for the Greensboro City Council for May 1, 2012 is this:

34. Resolution calling a public hearing concerning a Limited Obligation Bond to finance improvements to the Greensboro War Memorial Coliseum Complex.

(Council District: all) (roll call vote) (Attachment #34 to Councilmembers)

Then we have FOX 8 WGHP who did a report on this today here is that story

  This news comes on top of the news where the downtown folks want a performing arts center which has a price tag close to $60 million dollars , and do not forget the new sparkling Greensboro Aquatic Center which cost more than $18 million dollars. Between all of these projects it is going to cost taxpayers close to $100 million dollars just to keep up with the joneses as they say . That is a hell of a price tag for the citizens of Greensboro to pay and if you want a death wish for the downtown GPAC then approve these coliseum improvements. Here is a comment on facebook from Don Moore which is so true

"It is sheer madness for Greensboro (DMA # 46) to compete with Atanta (#8), New York (#1), Orlando (#19). It like trying to bring the Major League Baseball team to Kernersville all over again"

In the $24 million dollars is $1 million for them to widen the concourse to the Aquatic Center the place hasn't been open a year and they already want to spend over $1 million on probably a design flaw where someone screwed up that design and they also want to relocate restrooms at the aquatic center. Then they want to install not one but now a secondary video scoreboard at the Aquatic Center, then they also want to add decorative tile and stone to the diving well, AM sure it is fine as is and no need for some decorative tile and stone.

Can't wait to see this dog and pony show and to have the cheerleading squad consisting of Zack Matheny and Mayor Perkins leading the cheers for this, I could be wrong on this point but i think that there has been talk about the downtown venues wanting a share of the hotel/motel tax to help out downtown Greensboro and also wanting to use some of that money to help fund a downtown performing arts center. It seems like state law makes the hotel/motel tax be spent at the Greensboro Coliseum and if these projects get approved then you will see that tax money still flow to the Matt Brown Fiefdom called the Greensboro Coliseum for years to come and not a dime of that money be spent in downtown Greensboro where plenty of people visit while in town.  

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Don Moore said...

Top story today in the News & Record - CUTS TO LIBRARY! So, let's see if Robbie and the Perkinetts are more interested in the arts over education.