Monday, April 16, 2012

W.E. Heasley on the Noise Ordinance, which is on Greensboro's City Council Agenda for Monday, April 16th

"An item that seems obscured in the entire noise ordinance debate
is the progression of events in downtown Greensboro.

If memory serves, downtown Greensboro was "dying"
and hence the death of downtown spawned an argument f
or building a baseball stadium downtown.

Moreover, the argument was a stadium downtown
would then attract restaurants, bars and entertainment and hence revive downtown.

Was that not the original intent/sin?

Hence the chicken was created and the chicken did in fact lay eggs
and the eggs hatched and the chicken and its off spring lived happily ever after
....or so it seemed until the chicken's creator [politicos through the mechanism of government]
allowed for habitational items to move into the farm yard.

The created farm yard is, by design, a noisy place.

Allowing habitational into the noisy farm yard is government failure
as the government created, promoted and wanted a noisy farm yard. the particular case of Greensboro's noise ordinance,
the classic "Coase Theorem" example regards NOISE.

Part of Coase's theorem is that the regulator can only guarantee the efficient outcome
if he knows enough about the cost of control
to decide which party should be considered the pollutor
and which should be considered the victim.

Exactly which entity is the victim?

The entertainment firms?

The habitational firms?

Politicos through the mechanism of government
which brought the two divergent firms within close proximity?

It’s neither the entertainment nor the habitational entities t
hat created the environment for a noise problem.

It’s a case of classic government failure.

Government failure of promoting two divergent segments within close proximity
is then solved by more government failure of reducing property rights [noise ordinance]?

One item let out of the entire noise ordinance issue
is those living next to grave yards.

At the current speed and direction of the politicos past and present
...the noise being generated by those many, many rolling over in their graves
will surely create a noise issue for those living within proximity of grave yards."

W.E. Heasley, CLU, LUTCF
Chief Economist
Heasley Insurance Services, LLC.

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