Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Senate Candidate Trudy Wade Buying Gas or Is This Legal?

District #27 Senate Candidate Dr. Trudy Wade has a press release that was sent to the Greensboro News and Record today. In the article was this:

"A candidate for the state Senate will pump gas and pay the taxes for 100 vehicles that line up at the Citgo station at Stoney Creek Village at 6305 Burlington Road. The campaign event for Trudy Wade starts at 9 a.m. Saturday.
The Wade campaign said customers will pay for their own gas but Wade will pay the state and federal taxes up to a maximum of 20 gallons per vehicle."

My question is this, Is it legal for a candidate on any level to pay for a citizens gas or pepsi product or any other item during a campaign season? To some people this could come across as trying to buy votes with paying for the gas tax. I am sure that it is well intentioned to highlight the high gas prices we pay in this state but to be paying for the gas tax on maybe a future voter in a race for the senate seat brings up a multiple questions in this press release that was on the Greensboro News and Record  and also Yes!Weekly web site. This would be a great question to ask the State Board of Elections.


polifrog said...

George, can you email me?

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if Trudy's campaign cares too much about ANY taxes. Her consultant hasn't paid since 2003. Must be nice!

triadwatch said...

that is interesting, will ry to inquire on this