Sunday, April 1, 2012

"A package that reportedly contained illegal drugs may have been sent to the Rhinoceros Times office on West Market Street in Greensboro."

"The package was rumored to be full of XTC...

It all started in a retirement community outside Fort Lauderdale,
said one internet commenter.

...Many believe...the Mafi a may be involved.

...When police found out there may be a package being mailed to the Rhino Times office
from Miami, thanks to a local blogger,
they asked Hammer to please tell them if there was anything illegal inside.

Miami is near Fort Lauderdale and is known for Cuban dissidents,
its club scene and, of course lots of XTC, and other things that are against the law.

...Hammer didn’t ever notify the police...

One of two things must have happened:
The newspaper is a huge front for distributing XTC...

...At least three people have confirmed they believe this is what happened."

Yes Weekly

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