Thursday, April 12, 2012

Katei Cranford on Greensboro's War Memorial Stadium

"I'm so glad folk still care.

It's so important.

Growing up in Greensboro meant summers running bases at war memorial.

the smell of peanuts, spilled beer,
and the sweet taste of pre-tween freedom running around (mostly) unattended...

scrambling through the outside gates to catch fly balls.

Although the next generation will be Grasshoppers,
there are so many opportunities to reacquaint new Greensboro
with the lovely ol' war memorial.

It deserves the chance.

Fun Facts:

I was prolly at that game in '95... me, my mom, and the sibling
went to practically every home game from essentially birth until 1997 or so.

It was our most wholesome and celebrated family activity.

I have baseballs signed by the entire team from 84-90
(and a few more random signatures in later years.)

My gramps, Sheepy Lamb,
would always get one for each grand-kid towards the end of the season.

He played for the Patriots back in the '40s (along with Emo Showfety and co)
and was in a bunch of poster-size photos displayed around the stadium
during the bats' last few years.

Actually, he and my grams got married at home plate
after a double-header.

Oh, and my grams' brother is Crash Craddock.

7-degrees of Greensboro history
with Katei Cranford.

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