Friday, April 6, 2012

George Hartzman recieved a voicemail from Greensboro Interim City Attorney Waterman

Mr. Waterman seems to have reviewed Mayor Robbie Virginious Perkins vote
on City Council Agenda Item 26 at Tuesday's Council meeting
and is reccomending that City Council should vote to possibly recuse Mr. Perkins
and consider the item without Mr. Perkins' participation.

Item 26 dealt with a incentive payment for Park View Development, LLC

"26. Ordinance in the amount of $218,714 amending the Fiscal Year 11-12 General Fund Budget
for the appropriation of a pass through economic development grant from Guilford County
to Park View Development, LLC."

Park View Development, LLC is owned by Roy Carroll,
which holds Center Pointe.

Robbie Perkins ownes a condo in Center Point.

Robbie is the leasing agent for the commercial properties on the first floor.

Mr. Perkins is also the listing agent or owner of the company
who represents the listing agent on other Roy Carroll owned properties.

If the recusal stands,
I believe Mr. Perkins should also recuse himself from any vote
in which Mr. Carroll has any interest.

In my view, this would include the water sewer deal for Eastern Guilford County
and the Economic Development Bond Issue.

As to the Noise Ordinance, it is written as being city wide,
even though it seems to have been initiated by Mr Carroll via Mayor Perkins.

If there is legally no direct connection between Mr. Carroll and Perkins on the Noise Issue,
there appears to clearly be a political connection.

In this case a Council Member must raise an objection to vote on.

If the vote fails, the only remaining solution to remove Mr. Perkins from the Noise Issue
is to file a civil lawsuit.

I believe Mr. Perkins should voluntarily remove himself from the Noise Issue
as the appearence seems so obvious to so many.


Anonymous said...

can we block the passthrough? teach that F...r a lesson

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