Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Did Roy and Robbie not care about too much residential Noise, until they did?

"Developer Roy Carroll is planning a $43 million mixed-use project
on Horse Pen Creek Road...

...The city planning department approved rezoning the site this week,
from agricultural and single family to mixed development.

The City Council must approve the land use change in May.

Much of the property sits inside the noise cone
projected for the overnight flights connected to the planned FedEx air cargo hub.

Carroll said sound consultants analyzed the apartment plan
and found insulation included in the units to be satisfactory."

"Roy Carroll requested that 45 acres on Horse Pen Creek Road
at the intersection of Jessup Grove Road be rezoned for a mixed-use development.

The plan calls for 18,000 square feet of retail, 110,000 of office and 360 apartments.

Almost the entire development is inside the noise cone
and Horse Pen Creek Road is one of the most overcrowded in the city."

John Hammer

"...the Greensboro City Council (as we speak)
is considering high-powered developer Roy Carroll’s mixed-use development
near the already-congested intersection of Horsepen Creek and Jessup Roads.

Who else but PTIA board chairman Henry Isaacson is arguing the case,
and Council member Robbie Perkins is abstaining.

...Carroll gets a City Council special
as his rezoning request is passed by a 7-0 vote,
with Perkins abstaining and Mike Barber absent."

"...the Greensboro City Council approved the project 7-0,
along with a change to the city's comprehensive plan.

Councilman Robbie Perkins abstained
because his company has a financial interest in the project.

Opponents also asked the council to deny the project
because it will be within the noise cone of the airport.

High-density development such as apartments are not typically allowed in this area.

But council members eventually approved the project.

"Things aren't going well in our community.

Not everybody can afford to buy a house anymore," Councilman Zack Matheny said.

"We need places where people can rent."


"Roy Carroll had zoning stud lawyer Henry Isaacson
who is also on the airport authority board as well
completely skirt the noise cone regulation laws
to get the apartment passed in a noise cone area."


Hartzman said...

They reiterated their opposition as previously
stated, plus asking how the noise cone was changed.
Mr. Hails explained now the noise cone was changed by a text amendment to the Development

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