Monday, April 2, 2012

Billy Jones versus the Mayor of Greensboro, Roy Carroll & John Hammer

"Ross Harris and her boss, Mayor Robbie Perkins, are still trying to control the agenda.

Here's a little secret, Mayor Perkins:

...Your plans were flawed from the beginning.

...Roy Carroll screwed his customers and you covered for him.

John Hammer can't help you.

...Your most ardent supporters are turning against you.

We know the pseudonyms of your political allies who work to spin your rhetoric.

Soon, the entire City Council will refuse to support you
in order to save their own power and influence.

You cannot continue to deny Greensboro communities
while pitching your own pet projects and those of your friends.

We've had enough.

We will expose your every maniacal indiscretion,
...and explain that we'll not support any project
in which you and your company have any interest.

...some of us actually know the history of Greensboro
and remember your empty promises.

...Only liars fear the truth and politicians who truly work for the people
do not attempt to censor the voice of the people"


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You could not have said it any better. I predict by time all is said and done, many who are on Council and those who they are receiving our taxpayer dollars by the truck load.... all understand that this system, their system is about to crumble. It's called take the money and run!