Monday, April 9, 2012

Are Robbie and Roy trying to screw downtown business owners?

Isn't this really about old Greensboro money
against new Greensboro entrepreneurs trying to eke out a living
under what was hoped to be a level playing field?

Isn't this about some who want to sell condos to upper class clients but can't,
because there are too many black people hanging around the park and the clubs?

Did Roy try to buy Center City Park
to get the indiginous population out of there?

Isn't this about apartment dwellers who want the clubs
against new curmudgeon "home owners" who want their perfect place
regardless of who showed up first and why most moved to downtown?

Why did the mayor put 45d on the City Council Agenda?

Why isn't the mayor being taken to account
for some pretty devious moves?

Is Allen Johnson covering for Robbie and Roy
so the News & Record can get a PAC in their back yard?

After some real entrepranuers took chances,
are some moving in to take advantage of other business owners' good fortune,
by trying to nudge them out of business and selling concepts that are antithetical
to what was earned by hard work and time?

Who brought the crowds in,
and who now wants to crush thier efforts?

Why did Robbie start with a curfew
and then tents
and then the noise ordinance
and then the parking fee?

How can the mayor say he's operating in an environment
with "respect [for] one another"
if he tried to shove the ordinance down everyone's throghts
with out meeting with club owners first?

How is this not Greensboro's oligharchy
looking out for thier own?

What happened to Allen Johnson calling for Robbie to recuse himself
from the Noise Ordinance Issue?

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