Friday, March 30, 2012

Why would a letter from Center Pointe Condominium Owners Association to Greene Street Club say:

"At night, the excessive noise makes it impossible for our residents to enjoy thier homes
in reasonable quiet and comfort.

Additionally, the ongoing disturbances by the Club
will adversely impact sales of units at Center Pointe,
especially if calls to the police regarding the noise violations persist."

From a letter sent by Center Pointe's Condominium Owners Association
to the Greene Street Club


Anonymous said...

woaw...this is exactly why Mr Perkins needs to recuse himself....if noise is bad for condo sales..then lack of noise must be good...more transactions = sales commissions for NAI=MAJOR CONFLICT of interest.

ROy Carroll id BAD for the local economy...He should not receive ay more incentives...

Anonymous said...

The extremely educated individual who left the first comment definitely knows what Mr. Carroll should and should not receive.