Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Triad Stage Giving Out Freebies to Greensboro City Council Members , Should This Be Allowed?

Should a Public Official accept free tickets from an agency vendor to a sporting event, concert, play, or fundraising event?
Answer: Generally, no. It is generally not proper for Public Officials to accept gifts or services from someone whom the official regulates, contracts with, or otherwise does business with as part of his service as a Public Official. At a minimum, this can cause the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Does it make any difference if the tickets to a sporting event are season tickets or tickets the vendor received as part of its sponsorship of the event so that there was no purchase made specifically for the Public Official?

Answer: No. It does not matter how the vendor got the tickets NC BOARD OF ETHICS

Public records request from the City of Greensboro in regards to Triad Stage and freebies to the Greensboro City Council.

Your request regarding if the “current City of Greensboro Council Members accepted any free anything from Triad Stage?,” yielded the following response after polling the Council Members:
“Perkins – Yes
Johnson – Yes
Abuzuaiter – No
Wade – No
Hoffmann – No
Vaughan – Yes, but she has also purchased numerous tickets for children’s plays.
Kee – No
Matheny – No
DBS – Yes, but has given them to constituents to use.”

This should complete this information request.
Public Information Desk
City of Greensboro

300 W. Washington Street
Greensboro, NC 27401


Don Moore said...

Your PRINT size was REALLY small today... The Council gets free tickets from their Master Matt Brown, so why shouldn't others with their hands out not get in the pool?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the confusing, dense and incomplete post. What was the question to which the Public Information Desk provided you answers?

triadwatch said...

In a nutshell no public official should be getting free tickets to any event especially when this venue gets interest free loans from the same council they are giving away freebies