Thursday, March 29, 2012

Howard Coble and Virginia Foxx "Reject Disclosure For Secret Campaign Money"

"[Howard Coble and Virginia Foxx] rejected an amendment last night
that would have required that sponsors
of independent political expenditure television and radio ads
disclose the identity of donors whose contribute $10,000 or more to their efforts.

All Americans have a right to honest information
about who has paid for the political messages they receive.

This includes the sponsors of political advertisements
—not just the names of sham entities designed to evade disclosure."

...With disclosure and transparency,
the public will be able to decide for themselves,
because relevant information about the interests
and their impact will be public.

Disclosure of an ad’s major donors
does not place any undue burdens on speech or industry.

It will empower the voters.

Will our local press report this information?

What do Howard and Virginia's opponents have to say about this?

Will anyone ask them?

If the law would have brought in less revenue to television stations,
can many see why for profit media wouldn't want to cover the story?

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