Monday, March 12, 2012

Greensboro Councilwomen T Dianne Bellamy Small Has a Novel Idea in Regards to Public Notices

During the February 21, 2012 Greensboro City Council meeting  Councilwomen T Dianne Bellamy Small(TDBS) had a great idea as you see from the above video. This was in response to item #12 on the agenda

12. Resolution directing the City Tax Collector to advertise liens on real estate for delinquent substandard structure charges, water rents, property assessments, and nuisance abatement charges for the year 2011
We have a monopoly going on in this state in regards to public notices having to be advertised in a local paid newspaper which in this county is the Greensboro News and Record. It is time for the taxpayers and our local elected state officials to start really saving the taxpayers millions of dollars and having these public notices be available in places like the local public access channel 13 and each local city and county web site and make copies availlable at local libraries if need be.

It is great to see a local politician thinking outside the box as TDBS does and letting the public channel advertise this on the tv for all the subscribers to see. Hopefully what the councilwomen suggested will come to fruition and once we can change state law we will see no more public notices in the paid monopoly paper. Public notice laws were written for back in the day when the only means of information was the local paper. Those days are long gone and time to change the state law NOW.