Saturday, March 24, 2012

A few other deals the "Senior Managing Director with CBRE Consulting" is going to present to the "Economic Development Briefing", on Tuesday, March 28 at 8AM at City Hall.


Developed an aggressive economic incentives negotiation strategy
to maximize economic benefits to the client.

.. Selected and announced Lawrence, Kansas
within six weeks of project kick-off
(including community visits and incentives negotiation).


.. Achieved total economic incentive package valued in excess of $9.5 million,
including income tax credits, property tax abatements, forgivable loans,
reduced land costs and job training reimbursements


...completed an operating cost analysis
including project economic incentives


The icing on the cake was his negotiation of a $32 million package
of economic incentives to support the project’s business case.

Incentives Negotiation

Economic incentives package totaling $32 million
was negotiated to help offset start-up and short-term operating costs.

Incentives included tax credits, training assistance, property tax abatements,
and cash grants.


Leadership is challenged to identify and negotiate
an economic incentives package
to create a viable business case for the project.

Developed an aggressive economic incentives strategy
to achieve a level of support for project viability.

Advised the client during face-to-face negotiations
with each state in their European headquarters.

.. Identified creative financing/bonding solutions at the local government level
to significantly increase the packages in two of the three finalist states.


.. Achieved final offers from each state ranging from $150 million to $250 million
including free land, free buildings, property tax abatements,
workforce training, tax exemptions and tax credits.

.. Shortly after receiving these packages,
the company placed a hold on the project
due to the loss of a key contract in their European plant.

The company expects to proceed with this project
once additional contracts have been established.


Incentive strategies focused on not only the creation of high wage jobs,
but on the potential loss/retention of all jobs associated with the headquarters.

.. A qualitative and quantitative analysis confirmed “best-fit” location in Atlanta,
which was driven by business environment factors, quality of life
and economic incentives.

.. A total incentives package of $1.9 million included job-creation tax credits
and workforce training assistance.

.. An integrated team of consulting and transaction professionals
enabled the company to pursue parallel paths
of negotiating both the incentives and a critical lease extension
with favorable results.


Strategic criteria included ...incentives t
o off-set start-up and short term operational costs

.. Incentives valued in excess of $2.0 million
included workforce training assistance, job-creation tax credits,
property tax abatements and infrastructure assistance


Work with city officials to uncover potential land swap opportunities
to mitigate acquisition costs while contributing to revitalization efforts
in downtown Wichita.

.. Significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs

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