Thursday, March 22, 2012

Commentor in IFYI in regards to Greensboro Noise Issue

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IFYI  for March 16, 2012 for City of Greensboro

Contact Center Weekly report 3-5-12 through 3-11-12

Executive - 1 comment
To Mayor and Council - If the current noise issue is really about a few downtown residents (who suddenly realized urban living is louder than Summerfield) and one or two businesses , why don't these parties sit down like any other neighbors and work out an arrangement? Why must there be a new business killing citywide ordinance? I'm a liberal democrat but even i can see this is an example of misappropriation of government power. I also own an advertising agency in downtown Greensboro. I moved there in 1995. Your approach to a stringent decibel-based rule is counter intuitive to any progress in downtown development, talent, recruitment and indirectly, MY OWN BUSINESS. So where are your "conservative business values" on this?

anonymous commentor on last weeks IFYI.

Yes Weekly has a great article in this weeks paper titled "Roy Carroll says Jump, City Springs To Action"

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