Friday, March 9, 2012

Busy Being Born Blogger Tony Wilkins is Running for Guilford County Commissioner District #6

Tony Wilkins pictured on right with Pat Mc Crory

Local blogger Tony Wilkins aka " Busy Being Born" has put his name in the hat to run for the new District #6 Guilford County Commissioners seat.

It has been a pleasure to call Tony Wilkins my friend. To see him step up to the plate and run for the Guilford County Commissioners seat will be a tough primary because this district trends heavily Republican and the primary will more than likely win this commissioners seat. Tony Wilkins is going up against Hank Henning of Jamestown and Jeremy Williams of High Point.

Good luck Tony in running for Guilford County Commissioner, it will be great to see a fellow blogger win this seat  and bring transparency back to the Guilford County Commissioners like you do on the War Memorial Commission in Greensboro.

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Anonymous said...

You mean he has thrown his hat in the ring?