Sunday, March 18, 2012

ACC Hall of Champions in the News and is Costing Greensboro Taxpayers Money

In today's Greensboro News and Record 3-18-2012 behind the pay wall is a article from the front page titled "ACC Showpiece isn't Bringing Fans" .

In this article this is what was written:

"The attraction sold about 7,000 mostly discounted tickets during its first year.
That’s well under the 26,000 visitors that coliseum Director Matt Brown had hoped for when the hall opened last year.
And it’s a fraction of what organizers had projected when they envisioned the hall as a much larger structure. Plans unveiled in 2005 called for a $23 million facility that would bring 170,000 people through the doors annually. Ticket sales at the hall accounted for $18,935, with another $6,000 earned in commissions from special event catering. Private donations brought in $25,000, according to organizers.
The hall was built using $2 million allocated by the state legislature, $300,000 in interest and $186,000 from private investors. No city tax dollars were used in the project. "

The writer Nancy Mclaughlin says that "no Greensboro City tax dollars were used in the project".

Well let's see what is in the current agenda with attachments for the March 20, 2012 Greensboro City Council meeting and under the reports with disbursements is a really nice nugget for the taxpayers of Greensboro.

FUND NAME: Coliseum Projects Improvement Fund
Check Number:276595
Vendor Name: S&S Building and Development
Description: Hall of Champions Interior Renovation Project
Disbursement Amnount: $11,560

Not even one year into the ACC Hall of Champions and there is already a renovation project going on at the Hall of Champions, this ACC Hall of Champions will go down in history as our local triad edition of Citizens Against Government Waste Porker Award.


Don Moore said...

While the City of Greensboro may not have contributed directly any "tax dollars" - money set aside for Greensboro by the state was used. Tax Dollars are Tax Dollars, regardless of their source.

The News & Record is still afraid to post their article online.

triadwatch said...

This money to renovate the hall of champions could have gone to some other endeavor at the coliseum. Am sure they will justify spending this money but to me it is a waste of taxpayers money