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Zack Matheny on the now expired Teen Curfew

I find it hard to believe that very many businesses downtown
– which it is the businesses that told me to create the curfew in the first place...

Zack Matheny

At the 9/10/2007 Zoning Commission Meeting,
Zack voted for attorneys Derek Allen's
Henry Issaacson, Charlie Melvin requests,
including a rezoning for Alliance Commercial,
after receiving $2,000 from principals
of Alliance Management on 6/21/2007, and 6/26/07.

ES Melvin cut Zack a check on 7/30/07.

Derek Allen of Brooks Peirce
that makes a lot of money off Greensboro's taxpayers
cut Zack a check on 6/12/07.

Charles Melvin Jr. of Smith Moore,
paid on 7/6/2007.

Henry Isaacson paid on 8/3/07,
the same day his son Marc gave.

All while Zack voted for these people's stuff
while he worked for taxpayers on the Zoning Commission.

On June 11, 2007,
Zack Matheny voted for a rezoning for Carroll Capital Investments, LLC,
represented by Robbie Perkins, for Roy Carroll.

Zack received $1,000 from Mr. Carroll's PAC on 10/30/07.

Mr. Carroll also gave $1,000 checks to Robbie, etc...,
as he garnered about $4 million in tax breaks for Center Point.

...Matheny’s advocacy for a teen curfew downtown
was ill-conceived and unfair.

Matheny says he likes to see himself as occupying the middle ground
on an often fractious council.

But sometimes he strives too hard for compromise
and appears excruciatingly vague on issues such as RUCO.

Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board

On October 8, 2007,
Zack voted for a rezoning for Wendover South Associates Limited Partnership.

Derek Allen of Brooks Peirce represented the applicant
whose firm makes a lot of money off Greensboro's taxpayers
who cut Zack a check on 6/12/07.

Who owns Wendover South?

Why Mega Builders?

Why doesn't any of the minutes from the meetings
identify most of the LLCs getting rezoning
one might ask.

Mike Winstead gave Zack $1,000 on 8/3/07
a little more than two months before.

Mike's partner Joe paid Zack $1,000 on 8/3/07.

We need to look at partnering with somebody.

I don’t care who that somebody is,
whoever has the land so that we can have a ready-made site.

Why don't you care who the somebody is,
if you are actually talking about Roy Carroll?

If all these consultants from businesses are saying,
‘The way you get jobs is to have a flat surface ready to go,’
then the city of Greensboro should do it.

All the "consultants" paid for by those who wish to receive
taxpayer dollars?

If it’s [local developer] Roy Carroll — I don’t care who it is.

Roy, fortunately or unfortunately for him, has a bunch of land.

And has bought the most likely City Council winners
with campaign cash?

And he can’t do what he wanted to do,
so maybe we can partner with him.


I want to help [local developer John] Lomax.

Of the 1%?

My opponent said he’s not for any tax incentives
and would never incentivize real estate.

...I would incentivize how to make those deals happen..

...Let’s clean ’em up and make it more aesthetically pleasing
and do that in conjunction with getting more heads in beds.

More heads on the beds of the 1%?

Zack Matheny

Don't Steal From My Kids

George Hartzman

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