Saturday, February 11, 2012

Please answer the following Facebook Poll Question: How many who live in the City of Greensboro were informed by our for-profit press, that the Teen Curfew expired at the end of last year?

George Hartzman's Facebook Page


nc said...

I was going to share this to Facebook link busted. FYI

W.E. Heasley said...

The link now works and one can vote.

By-the-way, when using the phase “our for-profit press” are you meaning the incredible shrinking circulation of a once profitable press that is destine to disappear? Can we also make the observation that if one’s circulation is decreasing at an increasing rate…. that an absence of journalism, the gatekeeper status e.g. failure to inform and/or purposeful failure to inform, direct and indirect favoritism, facilitating crony capitalism, etc ……can accelerate the decrease in circulation at an increasing rate.

That is, could one argue that the destiny of disappearance is being accelerated by those destine to disappear?