Thursday, February 16, 2012

Only In Greensboro Will You Name A Downtown Group DRAG

HAT TIP : 99Blocks
Only in Greensboro will you get a downtown residents association to name their group "DRAG". In the article we had this:

"Dianne Ziegler, one of the organizers, says the meeting will be to lay out details of what DRAG is all about and to give a quick look at the short-term initiatives of the organization.
They have two over-arching goals: forming a sense of community downtown and advocating for safety.

After that, Mayor Robbie Perkins, who lives downtown himself, will be the guest speaker"

The Mayor of Greensboro is going to be a guest speaker to inform the residents of downtown Greensboro that i am going to be a DRAG on downtown nightlife with my new noise ordinance where we might just send a violation to the clouds for having too loud rain drops that exceeded the decibel level.

DRAG also has a facebook page clickhere

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