Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Noise Complaints Near Center Pointe at 201 N. Elm St. in Downtown Greensboro with Local Developer Roy Carroll Chief Complainer

Noise CFS About or From 201 N Elm St - Jan 2011-Mar 11 2012

The scribd version above will show you the public records request in regards to noise complaints to the City of Greensboro in and around  201 North Elm Street which  is local developer Roy Carroll's Center Pointe high rise building and new resident in the fall in Mayor of Greensboro Robbie Perkins.

Noise complaints from Roy Carroll or in document he goes by Lloyd Carroll or Roy or Roy Terell or Floyd Carroll  happened on
1-22-12 at 8:48 pm
1-15-12 at 11:40pm
1-9-12 at 12:53am unknown but was from 113 n greene street same address Roy was giving
1-9-12 at 12:39am greene street club caller RoyTerrell but we know it is Roy Carroll
12-23-11 at 12:09am from Floyd Carroll
12-12-11 at 12:37am from Roy Carroll
12-9-11 at 12:07am from Roy Carroll
12-8-12 at 11:05am from Roy Carol
12-3-11 at 1:05am from Roy
11-28-11 at 12:47am from Lloyd Carol

Yes Weekly! has a new article out in regards to the noise issue for downtown Greensboro which is a must read  titled
"Roy Carroll says Jump, city springs into action" , CLICKHERE

One of the most interesting part of the story is to see the e mails that are on the Yes Weekly ! blog with a title "emails show source of noise complaint" CLICKHERE

In this post you will see in the e mail that in his penthouse Roy Carroll sleeps with a decibel meter by his bedside. Then Roy calls 911 to let them know if police officers need to get into building to let security officer know. Calling 911 on a noise complaint , really. According to Chief Miller to Assistant City Manager Speedling it seems that in and around December 9th 2011 it looks like Roy Carroll finally moved into his Penthouse and the noise complaints started.

We will see this issue come up in future Greensboro City Council meetings but they need to understand this was all brought up by one person in Roy Carroll with help from his Center Pointe resident in Mayor Perkins and it was all directed at one bar in the Greene Street Club Roof Top Bar which is a great place to hang out in downtown Greensboro.

If Roy Carroll wants to stop the noise then he should have put some sound proof walls and barriers or thicker glass in place on that side of his building.

Welcome to downtown Greensboro where it is not like living off of brassfield road.

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