Thursday, February 23, 2012

Has John Hammer heard about the Noise Ordinance?

Why wouldn't John want to write about a Noise Ordinance
proposed by some of his biggest advertizers
that wouldn't benefit his current readers?

Power in America…
is control of the means of communication.

Theodore White
Political Journalist

Did the founding fathers want the communications industry
to keep an eye on the government for the people
or an eye on the people for the government?

Are the less informed easier to persuade than the more?

Were white northern college students
enlisted for voter registration drives,
only after murders of southern black civil rights volunteers
went relatively unreported by law enforcement
and southern news organizations?

Without an informed and free press,
there cannot be an enlightened people.

Justice Potter Stewart

Is an independent press
essential to capitalistic democracy?

If [John Hammer and the Greensboro News & Record]
can get many to ask the wrong questions,
who doesn't have to worry about answers
and walks with the cash?

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