Thursday, February 9, 2012

Andrew Brown (Greensboro Coliseum) responded to your following questions:

"...(Greensboro Coliseum) responded to your following questions:
how many come to the museum during the acc tournaments?
can you break it down monthly?
what was the total of the receipts taken in?
how many tickets given away?
Did you ask for operating costs/ticket revenue?

“Mr. Hartzman – we do not have monthly breakdowns on attendance at the ACC Hall of Champions.

Per your previous request, we had provided you the total attendance figure of 6,546.

The 6,546 figure reflects Hall of Champions visitors as well as attendees at 28 different special events the venue has hosted to date.

Gross ticket sales total $17,321.00."

$17,321 divided by 6,546 attendees = $2.65 per attendee?

City Manager's Office

City of Greensboro

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Don Moore said...

That is the initial straw of embezzlement. Tickets are $10. Therefore, we are missing $48,139. They need to provide additional information or start packing for prison.