Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why would some want to spend everyone else's money on a Performance Arts Center, instead of spending the money on creating more manufacturing jobs?

Do low wage service jobs
create localized economic prosperity?

Do high levels of debt and taxation?

Does serving what could be a relatively smaller
and perhaps presently under taxed
but eventually overtaxed upper class
pleasant accommodations
seem like the best way to create new jobs
with everyone else's money?

Should government largess
be directed toward the average income strata?

Why are we not trying to figure out
how to make stuff other communities want to buy?

Does the leadership of our community
represent the ideals of a bunch of elitist snobs?

The Service Sector is not the answer.

Do you want your kids to scoop ice cream
for many retiring from the north,
or do you want them
selling North Carolina manufactured industrial product?


Anonymous said...

It seems like anytime our leaders are attempting to convince us how a large entertain type project like this will benefit us all, they always tell us how many wonderful jobs will be created. And the jobs they always mention are in the hotel and food industries. Jobs such as waitresses, food preparers, housekeepers and maids, and others. Hartzman is right on the money when he asks "do you want your kids to scoop ice cream....". While all these service industry jobs are good honest work, I don't ever recall hearing a youngster or student saying "when I grow up I want to be a waiter, or maid, etc." Or for that matter "I want to work in a factory making NC manufactured product". I guess what I am trying to say is if you're going to try to sell us these projects by promoting job creation, at least attempt to create quality jobs. And also don't attempt to try and make us feel inferior by saying Raleigh and Charlotte have these great facilities and we need to keep up with them. And last but not least, How do we pay for it? The leadership in Greensboro loves to use bonds. If the city of Greensboro would have properly maintained the facilities we have, such as War Memorial Auditorium, maybe we wouldn't have to these discussions so often.

triadwatch said...

good points