Sunday, January 29, 2012

Virginia Proposes 5th Public Bill Aimed to Move Bid Notices Out of Newspapers, Need To Do Same in North Carolina

Hat Tip: Legal Notice Online

Virginia- A 5th Public Notice Bill Proposed. This Bill Aims to Move Bid Notices Out of Newspapers.

A 5th Public Notice Bill proposed in Virginia last week.
Four Bills overturning the expensive and cumbersome practice of forcing public notices to be published in newspapers were proposed two weeks ago, we reported.
This past week a 5th bill was put forth. HB1193 sponsored by Delegate Ron Villanueva, addresses Requests for Bid Proposals. Notices would no longer HAVE to be published in a newspaper of general circulation.
Newspapers in the state prompted by the Va. Press Association have been editorializing strongly to vote against all of these bills.
How are states wrestling with this issue?
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