Monday, January 23, 2012

Tim Flowers at Progress for Greensboro on a Performing Arts Center: Socialist Rhetoric Alert?

"...I'd love to live in a world where private investors take the initiative
and build all the things our society needs,
but history shows that is just a fantasy.

Do we need a Performing Arts Center?

...When private entities do take the lead,
it's often spurred by federal grants or tax incentives.

And it's been that way since our nation was founded.


...thinking some angel investor is going to come in
and build a performing arts center is, well, delusional at best.

And yet, we need it.

We need it?

...We'll be less attractive to companies looking to relocate or expand,
less appealing to potential residents,
less able to lock in tourist dollars,
and we'll have less influence in the state capital."

Tim Flowers

If a manufacturing company is looking to expand,
don't they look at workforce, debt, taxes
and whether or not there is an even playing field
for new entrants?

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