Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"President Obama, Demopublican"

"President Obama's signal accomplishments
could easily have been signed into law by a moderate Republican.

The corporate Mainstream Media depends on ideological differences
to generate "news" and advertising revenues,
and the Status Quo depends on ideological differences
to generate fear "of the other side" and enthusiasm "for our side."

...exactly what is the difference
between President Obama's actual policies
and those of centerist Republicans?

...How many bloated weapons systems has he cancelled? (Zero)

How many overseas bases of the Empire has he closed? (none)

Who runs his financial policies?

...there is literally no difference
between Obama and a moderate Republican
when it comes to the truly important policies
governing the nation's insolvent finances,
...its corrupt and fraudulent sickcare system
or its sprawling Empire.

Obama's policies
have all aided and abetted existing Status Quo...

He has changed absolutely nothing of import
except further eroding civil liberties.

......a well-meaning puppet
...of the ...cartels and fiefdoms.

...I reject all the phony ideological "differences"
between the two ...parties;
in reality, the differences are purely cosmetic
and are exaggerated for propaganda and fund-raising purposes.

...both support an endlessly rising public debt
to finance their cronies.

Both have consistently supported private profits
while shifting monumental losses to the public.

Both have consistently supported an out-of-control Federal Reserve.

In every truly important way,
the two ...parties are merely two sides of the same Imperial coin."


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