Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kirk Perkins and Billy Yow vs. Ben Chavis and Skip Alston on the government DMV takeover

“It’s my understanding that it’s almost always private companies or private citizens who run these offices,” said commissioners Vice Chairman Kirk Perkins . “I really don’t think Guilford County should be in the business of competing with private industry. That’s really where our tax base comes from.”

How much Guilford County tax revenue could be lost?

...“Because of our population, the DMV would like to see three license plate offices in the county,” said Ben Chavis , the county tax director. “It’s something that we had been talking about for a while, and this seemed like the right time.”

Why not set up more than three offices
with many more "created jobs"?

...Some said that’s money better left to private contractors who will pay taxes on it anyway .

“Why does it make any sense for the county government to be beating out contractors competing for this business in our own county?” Commissioner Billy Yow said. “We’re always talking about creating jobs. We’re always asking, 'Where are the jobs coming from?’ Here we are taking jobs.”

According to the DMV, 39 private contractors competed for the contract that ultimately went to Guilford County.

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Skip Alston
said he likes the prospects.

"I think it's a great idea," Alston said.

Yow also has criticized the process by which the county won the contract — submitting its application late and incomplete, but still coming away with the contract after an interview with DMV officials.

...“I want to hear more about it,” Alston said. “We’re thinking outside the box on how to bring in more revenue, and I like that. We just want some more details.”

Skip doesn't know the details?

How could Skip not know the details?

Joe Killian

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