Saturday, December 3, 2011

Small Group Non Transparency Meetings Back in Play for Mayor Perkins in Greensboro

In this weeks Greensboro North Carolina items for your information Denise Turner Assistant City Manager wanted council members to make sure they had these dates on their calender. Here is what was said in IFYI

"Water & Sewer Fund Briefing: Next Friday, December 9th, I would like to schedule three Small Group meetings to brief Council on the upcoming meeting with Guilford County regarding the Water and Sewer Fund, which is schedlued for December 13th. City staff, as well as Mayor Perkins, Councilmember Johnson, and Councilmember Vaughan plan to attend the meeting with the County. The attending Members are scheduled to come for a meeting at 2:00pm on December 9th. Per the small group policy, up to four Members of Council can be in a meeting together. To accommodate all Members, we are holding two additional meetings on Friday, December 9th, at 3:15pm and 4:15pm for the remaining Members. Please give Mary McCollough(373-2002) a call to arrange which time works best for you."
Will the media get to call Mary McCollough up to let them know which will be the best time to sit on these meetings? or is this a sign of how things are going to operate in Greensboro where everything is conducted back room with no media in sight to report on how their governments operates. Will someone like Amanda from news and record or possibly Jordan from Yes Weekly try to sit in on these meetings?

We will see what happens but to see that only 3 days into the new Greensboro City Council they are already back to the old machine politics at it's best where everything was a back room done deal before it came to council meeting with no discussion.

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