Monday, December 19, 2011


Mayor Perkins acknowledged that he has known the Saperstein's
since Craig was 6 years old.
We have a contribution of $250.00 from Paul Saperstein
and also another contribution on or before June 8, 2011
of $250.00 from Sara Saperstein

These 2 people are the new federal lobbyist's parents.

Welcome to the pay to play crony capitalist Greensboro.

Anybody see this in the paper?

Shouldn't the Rhino have reported this?

Isn't it almost as if it never happened
if none of the local media reported it?

Think the GN&R will report on the DMV story?

Think the GN&R will report on Zack's conflict of interest story?

Isn't it almost as if some alohsse gets to decide
what most get to know?

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