Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Information Request for Amherst County Virginia

Please provide 10 years worth of budget revenue line
014010-0001 fines and forfeitures
for Amherst County Budget Revenues.

Please provide 10 years of statistical information
on traffic tickets issued between the Monday before
and the Monday after Thanksgiving
including county of residence, state of residence
violations and fines of those issued tickets.

FYI: from what I have reviewed,
Fines and Forfeitures have risen in the Amherst County reported budget
From $160,049 in FY 2008 to $423,733 in 2010.

If there is a reasoned explanation of the jump in revenues
other than tickets issued, please advise.

Amherst County
State: Virginia
Population (2005): 32,134


FY 09......$1,569,990

FY 10......$1,997,547

FY 11......$2,000,000

FY 12......$2,000,000

If there were 12,958 housing units in Amherst County in 2000
and fines and forefetures was $423,733 in 2010
was each household fined about $32.70 each?

Does that seem normal?

If only half of the households were fined,
than the rest paid about $65.40 each?

If only 10% of Amherst County's households were fined in 2010,
did each pay about $327.206 each?

How many out of town tickets have been issued
by Amherst County's Sherif's Department?

Top 10 States Notorious for Writing Tickets:
1. Ohio
2. Pennsylvania
3. New York
4. California
5. Texas
6. Georgia
7. Virginia
8. North Carolina
9. Massachusetts
10. Connecticut

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