Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"In North Carolina Gingrich is at 51% to 14% for Romney"

"In North Carolina Gingrich is at 51% to 14% for Romney,
8% for Michele Bachmann, 7% for Ron Paul, 4% for Rick Perry,
3% for Rick Santorum, 1% for Jon Huntsman,
and 0% for Gary Johnson.

...5 weeks ago Gingrich was at 22% in North Carolina,
so he's gained 29 points since then.

...he's very strong with the Tea Party, leading Romney 53-10 in NC
(with Bachmann at 13%) and leading Romney 42-9 in CO
(with Bachmann at 17%) with those voters.

But he's winning over moderate voters within the party as well,
leading Romney 38-21 with them in North Carolina
and 26-22 with them in Colorado.

...These polls provide more evidence of a Romney fade.

He's down 5 points from 19% a month ago in North Carolina
and his net favorability has dropped from +23 (53/30)
to +16 (50/34).

It's a similar story in Colorado.

...In North Carolina 30% of Gingrich voters
say that Romney is their back up
to 9% for Bachmann and Perry.

In Colorado 35% of Gingrich backers
say Romney's their second choice to 8% for Perry
and 6% for Bachmann."


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