Sunday, December 18, 2011

Greensboro News & Record hides Don Patterson important economic article in print only

..."We continue to expect the local economy
to struggle to maintain and add jobs over the next year"

So the News & Record endorsed for re-election
most of the same failed leadership 
who ran Greensboro's economy into the ground?

"Slowing population growth combined with very little job growth
will keep the area an underperformer"

So the News & Record and Greensboro's local media
rigged an election to keep the same failed leadership in charge?

"Greensboro has lost ground over the last few months"

So Greensboro's City Council gave a lobbying job
to Robbie Perkins friends kid
who gave him campaign cash a couple of months ago
which most other Council Members thought was kind of funny?

While Guilford County's leaders watch out for thier own
by throwing some DMV jobs at their friends
while not informing the public about eliminating private sector jobs
which could have been expanded
by allowing more DMVs to open across the area?

"(It) now stands nearly 10 percent below its pre-recession level of employment"

So Greensboro's City Council gives out some more taxpayer money
to local cronys who have helped stifle outside investment
enabled by corrupt and purchased local officials?

What should our community expect
from leaders propped up by a censored press
who support the status quo of self dealing and crony capitalism?
"The report ranked the performance of the nations largest metro areas...
It gave Greensboro-High Point a combined rank of 99th."

Greensboro and High Point have lost 40,000 jobs
as our local media sold our community down the river
by not informing the public of what it should know but doesn't?

Don Patterson

Should the same corrupt oligarchy that got us into this mess
be tasked with getting us out?

How many of GN&R's endorsements
went to those who thought of saving taxpayer money
by not paying the GN&R for public notices?

Why don't most know about how much the GN&R would have made
off the downtown hotel debacle
where Skip walked with cash without a closed deal?

How many articles were written about how much campaign cash
was recieved by whom during the City Council election?

How did the GN&R not rig the election
if they refused to report infidelity of candidates etc...
as many from the country clubs chuckled at the dumbass working class
knowing that most didn't know what they should have?

How was the election not rigged by our local press
if the election wasn't hijacked over the White Street Landfill
by the elites on the other side of town
who used East Greensboro to get elected
with the help of a compliant and enabling press?

How have we not been betrayed by our leadership?

How have we not been betrayed by our information outlets?

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Anonymous said...

George, maybe more people should subscribe to pay for Don Patterson's work.

As for running Greensboro's economy into the ground, really? Greensboro's economy operates in a vacuum independent of the rest of the world?