Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Editorial Board on Jorge Cornell

"Jorge Cornell sought public attention in Greensboro,
which isn’t typical behavior for a gang leader.

He promoted a peace initiative among “street organizations,”
drawing support from the Beloved Community Center
and the Pulpit Forum.

...he ran for the City Council twice...

...He was taken into custody Tuesday,
the day council members were sworn into office...

...A federal indictment unsealed last week
accuses them of racketeering and other crimes.

The document...
takes note of Cornell’s efforts to gain respectability:
“In an attempt to disguise the criminal activities
of the Latin Kings and frustrate law enforcement attempts
to investigate and prosecute Latin Kings members,
Cornell orchestrated a public relations campaign
to falsely portray the Latin Kings as a public service organization.”

...While the indictment signals that a vigorous prosecution is coming,
it speaks more of conspiracies and orders than of actions.

It doesn’t make clear how much of a danger
authorities think Cornell and his gang really presented.

...Some may consider it a litany of trumped-up charges,
confirming their belief that the legal establishment
comes down hard on those who challenge it.

...Did Cornell create a facade to shield nefarious activities,
playing well-meaning supporters for fools?

Or were opportunities missed
when police could have helped turn his stated good intentions
into reality?"

Doug, Allen and Robin

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