Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Campaign finance experts may be allowed to back John Edwards’ case at trial"

" GREENSBORO, North Carolina (Reuters)
– A federal judge on Friday left the door open call two campaign finance experts to testify
...on charges of using illegal campaign funds
to hide an extramarital affair.

Any other hidden extramarital affairs
by local elected leaders in Greensboro?

...Edwards, 58, is accused of secretly accepting more than $900,000
from two wealthy supporters to help cover up an extramarital affair
and a child conceived with his former campaign videographer,
knowing that those revelations would doom his campaign.

What could have "doomed his campaign."
in Greensboro lately
but didn't, because the press wouldn't report it?

...The defense contends the payments were intended to hide the affair
from Edwards’ wife,
who died of breast cancer last year...


If the Greensboro News & Record reports the Edwards story,
will they be rather very hypocritical on local stories
about infidelity among elected officials?

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Anonymous said...

I do not and never did like Edwards. But if I was accused of some crime, I would mount the strongest defense possible.