Friday, December 9, 2011

Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket in Amherst County, Virginia: Unanswered Information Request for Amherst County Virginia

Mr. Hartzman,

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your records requests.

However, because you are not a citizen
of the Commonwealth of Virginia
we are not required to fulfill such request...

John R Grieser
Administration Captain/
Accreditation Manager

Amherst Co Sheriff's Office
115 Taylor Street
P.O. Box 410
Amherst, VA 24521

"These are the average number of speeding tickets given out per month:

Amherst County: 394 - Population 32,353
Bedford County: 110 - Population 68,676

Campbell County: 99 - Population 54,842
Appomattox County: 80 - Population 14,973

394 x 12 = 4,728 for 32,353 residents?

"We do have a very strong traffic safety program
and we have pushed over the past few years to improve it
as much as we possibly can," said Robbie Oliver
with the Amherst County Sheriff's Office.

If there were 12,958 housing units in Amherst County in 2000
and fines and forfeitures was $423,733 in 2010
was each household fined about $32.70 each?

Amherst County currently writes an average of 394 tickets each month,
and that does not include tickets given by State Police.

If only 10% of Amherst County's households were fined in 2010,
did each pay about $327.206 each?

Many of the citations come on Route 29,
a stretch of road nicknamed the Virginia Autobahn.

Fines and Forfeitures have risen in the Amherst County reported budget
From $160,049 in FY 2008 to $423,733 in 2010.

"The 29 bypass that goes through Amherst County
is probably about as close as you are going to get
to Interstate 81 or Interstate 95," said Travis Barr from Virginia State Police.

But the new busiest spot in Amherst County
is the work zone on the Nelson County line.

"The pace at this particular work zone is,
you can average 3 to 4 tickets an hour easily," said Oliver.

Deputies say they typically sit less than a minute
before they spot someone going at least 17 over the speed limit.

Amherst and Nelson have paid for that bridge with speeding tickets.

...I always see people pulled over.

I have literally seen Amherst and Nelson deputies
along with State Police have cars pulled over simultaneously.

...It's all about the revenue, not public safety.

The speed limit drops down to 45,
and there are nine work zone signs pointing it out.

...other than the state police,
every locality in this area gives plenty of warnings,
up to 160 a month.

How many warnings per ticket in Amherst County?

How many warnings for the locals,
as opposed to those from elsewhere?

...Several of the localities say their average speeding ticket
is written for 19 to 21 miles over the speed limit."

Please provide 10 years worth of budget revenue line
014010-0001 fines and forfeitures
for Amherst County Budget Revenues.

Please provide 10 years of statistical information
on traffic tickets issued between the Monday before
and the Monday after Thanksgiving
including county of residence, state of residence
violations and fines of those issued tickets.


FY 09......$1,569,990

FY 10......$1,997,547

FY 11......$2,000,000

FY 12......$2,000,000

If Amherst County Sheriff's Expenses rose by $430,010
between 09 and 11,
could it have something to do
wih another $263,684 per year in fines?

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