Friday, November 11, 2011

Orson Scott Card on Greensboro's election and the White Street Landfill

"Isn't it about time that conservatives and moderates in Greensboro
got organized the way liberals are?

It is incredible that the liberals won this election after forcing all of us t
o pay much more for our garbage service than we need to,
and all to benefit people who knew
they were buying houses near a landfill
– which is why their houses cost so little to buy in the first place.

That kind of special legislation to benefit a tiny group of favored people
is precisely what we call "corrupt"
when the group that is benefited is rich insiders.

But apparently it's not corrupt
when they can cast themselves as "victims,"
even if they selected themselves for victimhood.

We could have condemned and bought all their houses
for far less than we'll end up paying for landfill services
at remote locations.

That's what a fiscally responsible government would have done.

Instead, we'll have two more years of people "doing good"
for a select group of their friends, using our money."


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