Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Nancy [Mary] Rakestraw's campaign filing

Is Jonathon Carr, George's son?

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Should the DH Griffin contrubution be on an earlier report?

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Roch101 said...

Nancy Rakestraw, huh? Man, you are on top of it!

Let me help you. If you were truly interested in being understood instead of engaging in your digital masturbation you might write something like this:

Greensboro city council representative Mary Rakestraw received a $500 campaign contribution from D.H. Griffin while city council was in the process of considering Griffin's company for the city's trash disposal contract.

Rakestraw did not report the contribution of August 24th on her campaign report for the period ending August 30th. Instead, she reported the contribution on her next campaign report, filed on September 26th, after the landfill issue had been decided.
See how easy it is to put the facts forth with clarity? You should try it sometime.

Roch101 said...

Let's also consider that there were a few other contributions that should have, but did not, make it onto the first report. I doubt if this was intentional.