Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Matheny: Let's give more OT cash to cops" If keeping the White Street Landfill closed costs the City of Greensboro about $7 million per year...?

"Councilman Zack Matheny will ask his colleagues to support
an extra $100,000 for police department in December.

If $7 million divided by 12 months is $583,333,
where will the money come from
if City Council Members voted to fund a budget
by spending millions more than the city recieved
in tax revenues?

The cash would be used to pay overtime expenses
to help solve robberies and break-ins, Matheny said.

What was more important,
a $20 million pool,
$25 million for the Science Center
or overtime for police?

Matheny has asked for the council to consider the issue
at its Dec. 6 meeting,
before the newly-elected council members are sworn into office.

If $7 million divided by 365 is $19,178 per day,
and the city is spending more than it makes,
should the City of Greensboro increase taxes
to pay for what it needs,
after spending tens of millions
on the wants of select few?

...The council has, in past years,
provided some mid-year funding to the police department.

Where will the money come from?

In December 2007, the council voted to spend $500,000
to pay overtime and expand the department's robbery unit
with more officers after a spate of murders.

Wasn't the City of Greensboro running a surplus in 2007?

Is the City of Greensboro
currently spending more than taxes bring in?

About six months later,
the council have the department another $83,000
to keep the robbery suppression unit going."


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