Sunday, November 6, 2011

The last time the local bloggers and press couldn't answer some simple questions, so the issues were ignored as the public went on uninformed of what is actually happening

George Hartzman's challenge to Ed Cone, Fec, Roch, David Hoggard and whoever else...

I believe Mr. Perkins is in violation
of city's code of ethics policy on the White Street Landfill
disclosures and conflict of interest policy's.

Prove me wrong Ed.





I believe Rita Danish and Robbie Perkins
violated city ethics guidelines
relative to the White Street Landfill Contract negotiations.

George Hartzman

That would be a definitive statement.

So let's hear the rebuttals.

Why did Robbie and Rita not violate the ethics rules?

I believe this is a whitewash,
and should be beyond partisan.

Prove my conspiracy theory wrong.

Abner Doon at Ed Cone's

The City of Greensboro,
City Council and Robbie Perkins' very serious conflict of interest issue:
Is this why Rita Danish left?

Greensboro News & Record Editorial:
Going, going, gone: On firing city attorney Rita Danish

Rita Danish Linkfest

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