Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Ed Cone: Please answer the question - Did Robbie and Zack stack the RUCO Board?


Ed Cone said...

not that i know of.

if you have information, post it.

Tyler Durden said...

Ed Cone is never going to write a blog post that holds Perkins to the same standard that he is holding Thompson and Rakestraw to.

Everyone with a brain knows that Robbie Perkins has far more conflicts and is greased far more by people who have a lot more business before the City Council than Thompson or Rakestraw have.

Ed Cone is a liberal with an agenda whose trick is to convince everyone else that he isn't biased and is "just being reasonable". The most effective advocates are the ones who can convince others that they aren't advocating. Liberal media types know this and demonstrate it every day.

His post isn't really about the problem between donors and candidates because if it was, he'd have far more harsh words for Perkins instead of none at all. That's just subterfuge for the real point of his post and that is that people shouldn't vote for Thompson or Rakestraw because they are conservatives. But being that honest would reveal the trick.

triadwatch said...

perkins gets a free pass but if he becomes mayor it will be a fun 2 years in the blogosphere. Let's see if ed will talk about the roy carroll angle and robbie perkins his crony buddy