Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unanswered City of Greensboro Information Requests: Denise Turner Roth, Rashad Young, Marlene Sanford, RUCO, TREBIC, Robbie, Matheny

Please let me know on who appointed whom
to the RUCO Advisory Board

Email sent to Rashad Young and Denise Turner Roth
by George Hartzman on September 26, 2011

Please provide any and all emails
from TREBIC's Marlene Sanford between the beginning of 2010 to the present
that contain any of the following:




"Rental Inspection"

"Rental unit Inspection"

"Residential Building Inspections Act"

“Robbie Perkins”

“Advisory Board”




George Hartzman
Triad Watch, September 26, 2011
to Tanya Beatty, City of Greensboro

If Denise Turner Roth was Vice President for Governmental Affairs
and acted as a lobbyist
for the taxpayer funded Greensboro Partnership
which funds TREBIC and is a TREBIC member,
and TREBIC was directly responsible for eliminating RUCO
with taxpayer funds from the Greensboro Partnership
and Robbie Perkins NAI Piedmont, among multiples of other real estate contributors
to Mr. Perkins Mayoral campaign,
and its been more than a month since the requests were made,
should some be sceptical of the information request being answered
before the election?

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