Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Robbie Perkins and Roy Carroll ,"What Happens in Vegas"


Will we see any local reporter ask questions in regards to the relationship between crony capitalist developer Roy Carroll and sitting council member and mayoral candidate Robbie Perkins? Did Roy Carroll take Robbie Perkins out to Las Vegas on his personal plane? Would this be ethical for a sitting councilmember be taking a flight to Las Vegas on Roy Carroll's plane?

We have seen in past where the Greensboro sitting attorney Terry Wood had this to say in this post titled "Greensboro City Attorney Advised the Trip to D.C. Raises Ethical Concerns for Mayor of Greensboro and Chairman", CLICKHERE . 

We also know that Robbie Perkins has a place to live in Center Point which is Roy Carroll's downtown taxpayer funded penthouse with address of 201 north elm street unit #906, from a deed of trust on 10-30-2009 deed will not exceed $228,000. Did Robbie Perkins get a sweet heart deal on this property from Roy Carroll? Will we see any reporting from out local journalist?

This relationship between sitting council member Robbie Perkins and local developer Roy Carroll needs to get a closer look and needs to get reported on by the local media. Amanda, Joe, Jordan, Allen, Doug anytakers?

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