Friday, October 21, 2011

Please compare the Greensboro News & Record's portrayal of the same employment data, compared to what Bloomberg wrote: Who is lying?

Employers cut staff by 22,200 in North Carolina last month [9/2011]

Businesses slashing staff include Bank of America Corp.

The Charlotte, North Carolina-based lender is cutting 30,000 jobs,
including at its unit servicing mortgages.

"N.C. unemployment rate for September rises

The number of private sector jobs has increased in North Carolina,
but deep cuts to the government work force
have caused the state's unemployment rate to tick upward in September
to 10.5 percent.

New figures released by the state Friday
show the number of people employed in North Carolina increased slightly in September.

But the unemployment rate still increased by one tenth of one percentage point.

Since September 2010, private sector jobs have increased by about 28,000.

Jobs in the government sector are down nearly 19,000 from last year,
a loss that state officials attributed largely to layoffs of teachers
and teaching assistants.

The largest increase occurred in construction, which gained nearly 3,000 jobs

The total number of people who are unemployed increased by about 5,000, to nearly 474,000."

Greensboro News & Record

Is what you think others think what they’re thinking,
or what they and/or some others want you to think they’re thinking?

Are the less informed easier to persuade than the more?

Freedom of the press
is guaranteed only to those who own one.

A J Liebling

Can some believe what isn't,
or refuse to believe what is?

Are you certain
you’ve not been conditioned to think certain thoughts?

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but the wrod as a wlohe.

Should local news outlets intentionally misrepresent truth
in their own self interests?

Do the few who control dissemination of most of Greensboro's financial and political information,
enjoy relatively disproportionate levels of influence than the many who don’t?

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